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Streambed Media is a transformative tool suite that aligns creators in the digital media value chain.  Through the platform, creators are able to manage and monitor content rights, distribution and collective analytics involving one or many stakeholders.

our vision

Online media drives the global economy. Yet the social media-driven “attention economy” is pitting participants against each other and disincentivizing quality. We offer a new approach: the “engagement economy.” 

Using blockchain technology, Streambed proofs raw and complete video, then posts and tracks it on the creator’s behalf. Creators then receive robust analytics on the way their content travels around the Internet. Users can then search, verify, and act upon content’s associated rights and contractual terms. 

our business

We are both a tool suite that enables all video creators to register, manage, market and monetize their work; and a producer of original content.  We believe content production and tech development must go hand-in-hand if we are to reorient the online media industry away from “clickbait” and blockbusters toward quality.


streambed studios


We are actively building, and are aiming to have a product to our loyal followers soon. Join our waitlist to receive monthly updates on our progress!

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