Streambed is an analytics suite for the social sharing world. Our tools allow creators to link co-creators and brands to the videos they publish. Allowing everyone to repost content and benefit from transparent analytics.

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Audience Quantified

What if you could measure the full impact of a piece of content through its online life, no matter where the content was posted or viewed?

Streambed assigns a Reverb score to you and your content, allowing you to quantify and validate its reach and engagement across platforms.

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Your Content, On Your Terms

Enabling participation is the future of content sharing. Imagine witnessing a newsworthy event, sharing the video online and being able to set the terms in which others, including media organizations, can share that video. Our technology links your content back to you, no matter how far it travels.

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Publishing & Proofing

Eighty years’ worth of new video is uploaded to YouTube every day. In this crowded space, how do you proclaim ownership of your content?

We offer creators a tamper-proof environment, secured by blockchain technology, to clearly proclaim their content and publish the terms for its future use. It is indexed in public for all to see, and immutably secured for no one to change.

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Real-Time Reporting

Digital videos are live organisms - they are cross-posted, shared, reposted, remixed, meme-ified and derived into many other types of content. Streambed’s dashboard gives you one set of robust analytics, tracking all versions of your content in real time.

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The Influence of the Crowd

We believe that engagement is more important than follower count. By rewarding creators and those who participate in content, they can leverage their audience, no matter the size.

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