Skynet and Streambed Collaboration

We are excited to announce our partnership with Skynet! A lot of our creators might be wondering how their files are stored when they are published through Streambed. The answer is simple, once you publish a video to your social media through Streambed, an immutable record of it is stored online – allowing you to publicly prove that you created the video – and credit those who helped you work on it.

At Streambed we believe in transparency and want to put the power back into the hands of the creators. What would happen to your content if your favourite social platform went out of business tomorrow? It could be lost forever. By publishing through Streambed, we allow you to store your video on a decentralized platform that is not controlled by one entity. That platform is called Skynet!

Skynet is a decentralized file-sharing and content delivery platform that is built on top of Sia, a cloud storage network. Sia is secured by blockchain technology and leverages underutilized storage capacity all over the globe. Because files are stored all over the world, and secured by blockchain, there is no one single point of failure, and no outside company can access or control your files. The main takeaway: data can not be de-platformed, and files can not be hacked!

The cool thing about this is that if you use Streambed, and we go out of business tomorrow – your files will still be available for you to access and share forever. If Sia or Skynet go out of business, the network can autonomously run forever – making publishing through Streambed your insurance policy on your content.

At Streambed we see a future where people have more control of their information and their content – and our new partnership with Skynet Labs gets us one step closer to this!

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Streambed and Skynet: Putting Creators in Control of their Content

Skynet Labs is proud to announce our collaboration with Streambed Media. Both our brands seek to build a more equitable internet, so we are thrilled to further that mission together. 

Content creators are the bedrock of social media. Now with Streambed and Skynet, it’s time to return the ownership and oversight of art to their respective creators.

Streambed, which is currently in beta, enables content creators to upload media such as a video, and publish it directly to platforms like YouTube and Twitter—all from one dashboard. This means that just one dashboard conveniently contains all video analytics from across all platforms. Any collaborators or partnering brands are also kept in the loop: any project collaborators are linked, creating an immutable record of creative contribution and credibility. 

This ability to uphold any video’s provenance is where Skynet comes in. All videos on Streambed are stored via Skynet and its underlying blockchain, Sia. These original videos are tagged to verified content contributors. According to Streambed, “Verified collaborators are shown publicly on the index pages so all can see who contributed to the production of a new piece of content.” 

Using Streambed to own your content is quick and simple. Start by uploading your video.

Now your content is being uploaded to the Sia blockchain via Skynet.

After dropping in your video title, description, and privacy settings, you can add your collaborators!

Provenance is not just important for protecting creators; it is important to the integrity of the digital future and democracy. Jenna Pilgrim, Founder and CEO of Streambed writes, “Relationships online matter. Endorsements and real human associations decide who is trustworthy and who is not, and lend credibility to important movements. From conferences to campaigns, we must link ourselves together to improve data integrity, combat fraud and defeat disinformation.

As the new decentralized internet grows, Skynet Labs leads with confidence in decentralized storage and web applications. Content creators are owed much more than is afforded to them in today’s digital world. We look forward to continuing the fight alongside Streambed Media for the future that content creators truly deserve.

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